THEAOSON has condensed the professional talents of technology research and development, production supply, quality control, financial supervision, sales service, network operation and so on. Through the integration of all aspects of talent, THEAOSON can from the product design, development, production, promotion to service guarantee, the highest standard to define the industry standards.

R & D team

THEAOSON research team is made up of R & D personnel and technical personnel, and theyallare professional field talents who have graduated from professional colleges and universities. They applied many years of research experience and research and development achievements in the aerosol industry to independent research and development products, aiming to help enterprises solve problems in the production process, make up for the technical shortcomings, and maximize the products to meet the needs of consumers.

Production and supply team

to build the whole industry aerosol group, the company has more than 15 years of management experience in the same industry entrepreneurial talent as the core, through internal training, paying the introduction of professionals, enterprises formed a set of production, material control, purchasing, warehousing, distribution as one of the supply chain system of personnel professional management personnel, accounting for more than 30% of the total number.

Quality control team

the company is based on "consistently adhering to the high quality". The team structure is reasonable and experienced, strictly implementing the IS09001 and ISO14001 management system, and conducting quantitative management through scientific means.

Sales service team

the members of the sales team cover a series of professionals such as marketing, electronic commerce, network, art design, brand promotion and so on. A comprehensive, professional and efficient sales service team builds the free energy brand.

Network operation team

the network operation team is made up of design, e-commerce promotion and network operation. It realizes the full coverage of brand operation by means of specialization and multi-channel.